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 first payment :)

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first payment :) Empty
PostSubject: first payment :)   first payment :) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2010 3:14 pm

Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID #6D093360NE334483E)

Original Transaction
Date Type Status Details Gross Fee Net
26 Nov 2010 Payment From Carrie Rosinski Completed ... $1.18 USD $0.00 USD $1.18 USD

Related Transactions
Date Type Status Details Gross Fee Net
26 Nov 2010 Currency Conversion Completed Details -$1.18 USD $0.00 USD -$1.18 USD
26 Nov 2010 Currency Conversion Completed Details £0.73 GBP £0.00 GBP £0.73 GBP

Amount received:
$1.18 USD
Fee amount:
$0.00 USD
Net amount:
$1.18 USD (equals £0.73 GBP)

Issue a refund

You have up to 60 days to refund the payment.

Conversion from:
-$1.18 USD
Conversion to:
£0.73 GBP
Exchange rate:
1 US Dollar = 0.623984 British Pounds

26 Nov 2010
21:49:10 GMT

Cash Alien Withdraw!
Here is your payment for $1.18! Enjoy, and thanks for using Cash Alien! Please post a payment proof screen shot in our forum when you get a chance!
Payment Type:

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first payment :)
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