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 My Offer Guide Tips and Tricks to get offers to aprove all the time

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My Offer Guide Tips and Tricks to get offers to aprove all the time Empty
PostSubject: My Offer Guide Tips and Tricks to get offers to aprove all the time   My Offer Guide Tips and Tricks to get offers to aprove all the time Icon_minitimeFri Nov 05, 2010 12:43 pm

This Below is taken off my own guide. If you need any help let me know

Getting Started

• Email i use for offers http://www.easy.com best one for offers and can make many accounts with them real fast and simple

• gmx has been blocked on many affiliates so best to use easy email. I use to use gmx on different sites but have now blocked them on many affiliates so might as well not bothering using gmx for doing offers or surveys

Why make so many emails, because you get a better conversion rate on offers and surveys that you are doing.

Remember 1 email address per offer or survey.
Once you are done with that email you have used for example if used on quiz jungle then mark it for quiz jungle and use for something different.

Quiz jungle often don't credit because many have used the same email ie more than once for 1 and then again for another quiz jungle. With these and others use 1 email per offer. So long as you keep these and there not emails you can delete you are not cheating

• Goto http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner
This is used for cleaning all your junk temp files cookies and much more.
This will help you get offers to credit more approved = more money and points.

• If you haven’t got Firefox yet you can get this at http://www.getfirefox.com
You want to use this as ie tends to have problems on it and offers don’t always credit using ie.

Doing Offers And Surveys

Login to your GTP Get Paid To Site
Goto current offers and surveys
And look for a free offer or survey

Click on the offer. This will then open a new page or tab.

Fill out the offer on the first page it will normally ask you for email and address info.

This Is an important next part

When you are going through the offers look out for ones asking you for cell phone or mobile number these will often cost you and ull end up paying out a lot of money on your cell phone or mobile as these subscribe you to their services and this you don’t want.

What you will however see is a skip button or move to next offer click it and continue.

Some offers and surveys will say.
You must say yes to x amount of offers in the field x been the number it asks you to click yes on so click the amount its asking you to say yes to and move on to next part and them move onto next offer or skip.

Once you have goto the finish page or end of the offer or survey check your email to see if you have got a confirm email of them.

If you have then confirmed it wait a few min and then mark offer completed or submit. Sometimes offers will say this has been added to pending list. A lot say this has just ran out of credits meaning you just got an offer that’s credited instant.
After Doing An Offer Or Survey

After each offer or survey use ccleaner you downloaded before and clean everything.

Make sure you have closed all windows down and all browsers.

Scan and wait for it to finish its scan and then clean. It will ask you do you want to remove click yes and all done.

I know some of this might be long winded but once you have done a few times and got use to it. It becomes a lot faster.

If you get stuck and want to talk to me feel free to respond on here or send pm
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My Offer Guide Tips and Tricks to get offers to aprove all the time
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